psqls burrito

Psychedelic Surrealism: A Dialogue in the Abstract Universe

Feb 13, 2024 - 6:47pm

A vividly colorful, psychedelic backdrop with swirling patterns and rich hues displaying a mixture of red, blue, yellow, and green in a fluid, marbled design. Overlaying this backdrop are three surreal characters with humanoid bodies and abstract, cartoonish heads, each one prominently featuring a speech bubble. The character on the left has a blue head with a 'no' symbol and a speech bubble saying 'THEM' repeatedly. The middle character has a green head and a speech bubble filled with many instances of 'YOU'. The figure on the right, partially obscured, has a red head with a white, enveloping shape and is also holding a speech bubble, but its text is not fully visible. A speech bubble above the central figures is occupied by what looks like a cartoonish creature with a surprised expression, featuring eyes on stalks and a long, curled mouth, but no discernible text inside. Above the scene, a cubical frame with a circular cut-out displays a segment of the intricate pattern, split down the middle suggesting image manipulation or editing work.

"Digital Art and Design: From Sketch to Scuplture"

Feb 13, 2024 - 6:47pm

The scene shows two separate work areas that appear to be from a digital art and design environment. On the left, there is a digital sketching area with various shapes and brush strokes in different colors including yellow, pink, green, and red. There's a distinct sketch of a garment, possibly a skirt, with a black and white checkered pattern. Alongside it, to the right, there's a red textured shape that resembles a garment top. In the sketching area, the background is white and the layout resembles an artist's canvas with a set of tool icons on the left, indicating that this is a drawing or painting application. On the right, there is a 3D modeling workspace featuring a simple humanoid figure with a spherical head painted with green and blue, mimicking a globe. The figure has basic body parts in various colors: yellow torso, orange wings, white legs, and metallic grey feet. Behind the figure is a digital workspace with a grey background, grid floor, and user interface elements typical of a 3D modeling program.

Celestial Dance

Feb 13, 2024 - 6:47pm

A digital workspace showcasing part of a 3D animation or game development project. The scene presents two cartoonish, animated characters with exaggerated expressions and vibrant colors. The character in the foreground seems to be a stylized, anthropomorphic shape with text dispersed across its clothing, while the character in the background appears jovial and is possibly holding an object. Surrounding the characters is a space-themed background patterned with celestial bodies like planets and comets. A large, forbidden sign overlays part of the scene, indicating potential limits on modifications or usage of the content being worked on.

"Demystifying visionOS Licensing Terms"

Feb 7, 2024 - 7:32pm

The visual content is composed of a section labeled 'LICENSING' at the top, followed by bullet points discussing the availability of a software named 'visionOS'. The text mentions a free 30-day trial for Unity Pro and states that the visionOS beta program is accessible for subscribers of Unity Pro, Unity Enterprise, and Unity Industry. It specifies that these subscribers can download the visionOS support packages directly from the package manager to start building experiences for a device referred to as 'Apple Vision Pro'. The format is that of a slide or informative note emphasizing the software's licensing terms and subscriber access.

Vibrant Love: The Radiant Neon Heart

Feb 7, 2024 - 7:32pm

A stylized drawing featuring a heart shape with an anthropomorphic face. The heart is formed by two red, glowing, elongated neon tubes that twist to create the top of the heart and converge to a point at the bottom. The top of the heart has two loops with a slight gap between them, mimicking the upper part of a traditional heart shape. In place of a face, the heart has two large, cartoonish white eyes with black pupils and blue eyebrows arched upward, suggesting a cheerful expression. The eyes are spaced slightly apart, with one positioned on each loop. Below the eyes is a small, red, curved line that represents a playful and friendly smile. The ‘face’ appears to glow slightly against the dark background. At the bottom of the heart where the tubes meet, there are two small, round orange-yellow lights, emitting a soft glow, which could give the impression of a heart 'sitting' on the lights as feet.

"Browser Image Sharing Consent Request Amidst Server Logs"

Feb 7, 2024 - 7:32pm

The interface shows a privacy-related notification prompt on a computer screen, with a dark mode terminal window in the background. The prompt is asking for permission to allow 'psql.burrito' to send 1 image to 'Google Chrome'. There are three options for response: 'Don't Allow', 'Allow Once', and 'Always Allow', with the 'Allow Once' button highlighted. The terminal window displays logs of a running Node.js server process, indicating various server activities such as adding new pools, receiving HTTPS requests, and WebSocket messages. There is text suggesting the Node.js version in use might lead to lower performance, with a recommendation to modify a configuration file.

"Inside the Node.js Server: Real-Time Activity and Configurations"

Feb 7, 2024 - 7:26pm

This is a screenshot of a terminal or command line interface with a dark background and text in various colors including white, green, and purple. The text within the terminal indicates that a node.js server script is being run, with output messages related to the application's status and activities. It shows several 'Add new pool' messages, and logs of HTTP/HTTPS requests and WebSocket connections. The script also outputs warnings pertaining to the node.js version in use, as well as information about listening on specific IPv6 addresses and ports.

"Optimizing User Permissions for Enhanced User Experience"

Feb 7, 2024 - 7:22pm

The picture shows a screen capture of settings related to permission requests within an application development environment. The settings are for camera and microphone access, with descriptions provided for when the application requests these permissions. There are also other settings visible that deal with garbage collection, downloads over HTTP, and target SDK.

"Playful Punch: Colorful Decor in a Casual Space"

Feb 7, 2024 - 7:22pm

A person is seen from a close, partial side angle, focusing on their face and upper torso. The person is wearing a brightly colored, striped, pastel garment resembling a poncho, along with a black T-shirt underneath. In the background of the room, there's a plush decor piece resembling a pink creature with large, white eyes. Near it, a framed artwork on the wall shows a stylized character with exaggerated features, including large eyes and expressive eyebrows. Superimposed measurements indicate dimensions in pixels, with '1105 px' written horizontally across the person's garment and '73 px' near the framed artwork.

"Dark-Themed Computer Interface: Toolbar Overview"

Feb 7, 2024 - 3:38pm

This is a close-up view of a monitor displaying a dark theme toolbar or a tab bar in a computer program. The toolbar includes several clickable elements and texts that denote different configurations or settings, such as 'Unity-VisionOS,' 'Apple Vision Pro,' and an indication that there is a process taking place with the text 'Attaching to TanakiVision on...'. The background is predominantly dark with lighter text for readability, and there is an icon that appears to be a search function included in the toolbar.